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Webinar: Video Storytelling on Social Media

Not all videos are created equal. Two differently executed videos can get vastly different engagement rates. So we took a step back from the workflow to share the most useful parts of that with you. Here’s what we covered: How to identify your core values and relevant content – what even IS your brand story? […]

Working from Home

What day of the week is it?  How many days have we been working at home? As a team, Green Monkey Creative is used to working from home… alone. These past 49 days (Jess is keeping count), we have had our family members home as well… and let’s just say it hasn’t always been easy.  […]

How to schedule posts using Facebook Creator Studio

Plan your social media in advance and learn how to schedule your posts to Facebook and Instagram with Facebook Creator Studio. Planning ahead allows you to post frequently to your audience, maintain the quality of your posts and keep your design visuals and messaging more consistent.   Schedule your posts in advance using Facebook Creator […]