One question we are asked a lot from small business owners is ‘what is the best platform for me to schedule my posts in advance – on a budget?

Using a social media scheduling platform you can bulk schedule multiple posts at once. You can do this at a time that suits you, and then use your tool of choice to deliver your posts at the best times. With a social media scheduling tool, you can operate your social account efficiently.

As a social media marketing agency we use Agora Pulse to publish and manage our clients social media profiles and posts. Agora Pulse is great for what we need it for but it comes with a price tag that a lot of small businesses who are managing their own social simply cannot afford. There are a lot of social media scheduling apps out there and they are all good in their own way, however we have boiled it down to our 2 favourite solutions for small businesses on a budget: Hootsuite and Facebook Creator Studio.



Before we made the switch to Agora Pulse we used Hootsuite  (which we loved but outgrew.) Within the app you can schedule, publish and monitor your social profiles. There are paid plans however the limited free plan is a great solution for many small businesses. With the limited free plan you can connect 3 social profiles (ie. your business Facebook page, Instagram & Linked In profiles), schedule up to 30 messages per month with  1 user.

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Facebook Creator Studio

If you post solely to Facebook and Instagram then Facebook Creator Studio is a great free solution! Once you have linked your Instagram business profile to your Facebook business page you can go into Facebook publishing tools and use the Facebook Creator Studio to schedule and publish posts directly to your Instagram & Facebook page! View our blog on how to schedule posts using Facebook Creator Studio >