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Small Business Website Building Basics

A website may be one of the most important marketing tools for your business, but it can be overwhelming to get started. If you need one, why you need one, where to start, what is hosting, what the heck is SEO? Well, take a breath, we are here…
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Maintain Your Website!

There is one phone call that I hate to get. The one where a prospective client calls to tell me that their website is not functioning properly. They can't update it, they have been hacked or worse yet, it crashed. I think about all the money…
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Client Highlight: Shelburne Golf & Country Club

I don't know how many times I am asked, "Can you measure ROI when it comes to social media?".  Yes, and you should. We want to share with you a successful social media campaign we recently did for a golf course located outside of the GTA: Shelburne…
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Do you really own your website?

Who Owns Your Domain & Hosting? When you set up your website you paid the previous web guy for your domain registration, you pay them annually for hosting, your website is live... but do you actually own it? The unfortunate and surprising…