marketing tips during covid

“The way brands deal with the crisis now may influence consumers in future.”

We are all in this together and we are definitely working through the unchartered waters day by day.  The biggest question we get asked on a daily basis is “What do I do about my brand and my marketing?”.

Daily Strategies

After numerous chat groups and webinars, we are putting together daily strategies to help you and your brand through this.  Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for these daily updates and prompts on how to deal with your audience and what to do.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all.

As a brand, you need to show up and do your part.

You have a vital role to play.  Now is not the time to disappear, but to show up and use your resources and creativity to make a difference.  People will remember that you were there during these times and were not just selling like you were three weeks ago.


Don’t act alone in all this.  There is strength in collaboration.  To truly help people during this crisis requires a joining of forces with others – what does that mean?  It can mean that you share their cause and or what they are doing in the community.  Sending financial donations to those working on the frontlines (For example, there are restaurants in our community who are preparing food AT NO COST to our support workers or there is a local caterer that is continually making soup for The Family Transition Place (Soup Sisters Program)) – they need our support!

But here is the thing, sharing what you do in the community is amazing, but it means more coming from the source – or not at all.  Patting yourself on the back can come across negatively, so be wary on how you share that information.

Right now, is not the time to focus on selling.

Brands should be focusing all efforts on finding appropriate and meaningful solutions that all of us are facing us today!  That is great that you are still able to sell, but make sure you have acknowledged what is happening and are sensitive to the messaging you are conveying.

To continue selling product through social media comes across as cold and non-empathetic – make sure your messaging is conveying both the environment we are all facing (relate to your consumer who is at home reading your posts) and also ensuring your brand reputation is not at stake.  PLEASE PLEASE do not offer COVID discounts.  Offering discounts is okay, just don’t relate it to the crisis.

Social media is controlling the media messaging right now – it is quick and you can reach your audience immediately.  Show empathy and support and be TRANSPARENT!!  It is a completely different environment and what you did three weeks ago is not going to kick it right now.