Straight answer?  Yes!!!  

We know one of the big questions all business owners have right now is ‘should we keep posting on social media and reaching out to our customers via our marketing efforts during this crisis?’  Yes.  Yes you should.

There is an appropriate way to keep in contact with your customers and we can help you through that.


Should I be posting?

question imageYes!  Right now people are working from home and being stuck at home during their free time.  They are also getting updates through social – their digital attention is at an all-time high!  There are more people online at all hours of the day than ever before.

Facebook & Instagram has reported a historic amount of traffic on all their platforms, including a dramatic increase in the use of Facebook Live.  Who hasn’t seen a FB Live recently – whether it is business related, or something entertaining, even community online parties are happening to keep everyone connected.

There are a lot of businesses that have stopped completely when it comes to marketing and posting on social media – maybe even your direct competition, so there may be less competition for your targeted audience so your customers may be more likely to see more of your organic (unpaid boosted posts) than in the past.

Now, the interaction may be down because people are not looking to buy or spend money for services, but they will notice if you are posting positive or helpful content (remember what I said about transparency and empathy in other blog posts).


social media calendar imageShould I be posting the same content?

If you haven’t already, you need to review and/or pause content and reevaluate all scheduled posts.  You need to shift your advertising from selling to brand awareness or post positive content that is relevant to your brand. Post what you are doing during this time.  Have a favourite recipe that you are making, or walking outside and getting fresh air.  What are you doing while working from home?  How are you adapting to the new normal?  Show the personal side of your business because everyone is in this together.

Making your audience connect with you during this time about personal and non-selling posts will make your audience just a little more loyal when this is all over.

Ask how you can help.  You need to adjust the tone of your posts from selling products and services to how you can be helpful or insightful.

You can offer insight on how your business is adjusting during this time and how it is changing.  Are your hours changing or how you deliver product?  Showcase your staff delivering product – show uplifting and engaging content – perfect time to showcase the faces behind your company!

shareMake sure you join the pages on Facebook where they are posting what businesses are open.  Our local BIA is continually updating what businesses are open, how the services have changed and how to reach the businesses in the BIA.  This is key!  Post updates or information related to your community and how we are all coming together.  Share when another business re-opens (like a restaurant), to help spread the word.

If you had to close, make sure you are still staying in touch with your clients by telling them what you have been working on, or what you are doing.  Maybe you are going to make improvements to your website or launch an online store – update your audience!

You are allowed to be human in all this – you can talk about your family, your community, yourself – maybe that you are tired of not seeing anyone and miss your clients immensely.

How often should I be posting?

timeWell, that all depends on what you have to talk about.  The same rules apply, that you have to share relevant information.  If you are open, and things change daily (like a restaurant open for take-out only and has daily specials, then post away).  Not everyone is online at the same time, so it is okay to repost that you are open to ensure you are reaching everyone.

Maybe offering a contest or a giveaway is a great way to reach out to your audience and show them you care.  Partner with another business to bring together something special to BOTH your audiences.

No matter what business you are in, your customers are out there and will happily support you and consume your content as long as it is tailored to the national and local situation.

Need help designing some posts, Canva is a great free tool and are offering a FREE 30 day trial for their Pro Plan.  Easy templates and all formatted ready to post.

Have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!