Facebook just announced MAJOR changes for both Facebook and Instagram, the algorithms will be updating Fall 2019 and a Facebook newsfeed overhaul is imminent! Changes are coming to BOTH platforms. Start taking advantage of the new features and best practices to set yourself up for success this holiday season. Now is the best time to plan for a successful end of 2019!


According to Facebook the changes rolling out are “The biggest changes we’ve seen in the last five years”


New Facebook feature: News Feed Organic Targeting:
Facebook has built a feature to improve your ability to increase organic reach! The more engagement with a post, the more Reach Facebook will allow. Choose if you want to show a certain post to a certain audience ie: an audience who is interested in products but not services etc.



Newsfeed Overhaul:

  • In May/June of 2019 slight changes have already been made (less blue and clutter and taking a more minimal approach). This will be rolling out into the desktop.
  • Coming soon: Changes will be coming to the mobile app which will shorten the preview text on ads to 3 lines per post and will also reduce the maximum height on images slightly.
  • In the new Desktop newsfeed overhaul, the first item will typically be a memory, the second item will be an ad and then you get into the organic posts.
  • “Pages creating posts that people generally don’t interact or comment on will see the biggest decreases in Reach” – Mark Zuckerberg. You need to ensure you are making authentic, engaging and encourage meaningful interaction with your followers.


What is meaningful interaction:

  • Reactions are more valued than Likes (ie: Hearts etc.)
  • Comments and Shares are more valuable than Likes.
  • Engagement with Shared Content is great as well for meaningful engagement
  • When a user shares a post through their Facebook messenger
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS reply to comments
  • Organic reach today is 1.6-2%. Don’t do things to decrease your organic reach such as creating posts that are overly pushing people to buy a product or constant promotions for things that are not related to your business.


Changes for Instagram business accounts:

  • # of likes and video views have been removed. You will likely have already seen this on your account.
  • Low-quality posts will be removed from Explore and Hashtag pages. This will reduce discoverability – make sure you create content that is engaging, looks professional and intrigues people to interact with. This will improve user experience greatly – overall I truly think this is a great change!!!


Your takeaway:

You can no longer rely solely on organic reach. You need to strategize a way to grab your followers attention. Build a marketing funnel that drives virtual strangers to your business BEFORE they become distracted. Focus on users with MEANS and MOTIVATION to purchase. What is a funnel? Awareness, Interest, Want & Buy.

Boosted posts target any user online at the time. They are great for showing your post to a wider audience but not necessarily for conversion. Depending on your business, it may be worth building out a nurture Facebook campaign to increase your email list, offer your promotion/discount/freebie, etc. and build your relationship.


Facebook & Instagram are the easiest and best return on investment for your small business! Whether you are a brick and mortar location or online business FB & IN can increase brand awareness and customer engagement.