julieCan you tell us a bit about yourself?

 I am a proud mother of two children and four step-children (yes that makes a very full house every now and again), married to my best friend and have two doggos: My 128 pound Bruno and my 17 pound Luna. We live out in the country and I wouldn’t change a thing.  I have been vying for a goat but apparently, the answer is still no.


I am a tattoo-covered, shoe-addicted woman (I will judge you on your shoes), who absolutely loves cars. I also am an avid photographer that shoots fine art photography that I sell online.


How did you get into marketing?

I went to school for Fashion and Marketing and wasn’t too sure it was for me when I finished.  Those two combined made me feel like the only job I could get was in a store. I then went to work at a resort at the front desk and kept applying when the Sales and Marketing position opened up.  After the third time, I got it. And loved it. It was just so natural for me to have ideas and see them come to life. I had some great female bosses that really showed me the ropes and when I “grew” up, I knew this is what I wanted to do.  I side-stepped for a bit out of marketing to get into finance and made my way back again and I am glad I did!


What did your teachers think of you?

HA! I am pretty sure that each one of my report cards said I wasn’t paying enough attention because I was too busy being social.  (Which totally makes sense now).


What kind of work are you responsible for at Green Monkey Creative?

As Managing Director, I manage all the accounts and clients.  I stick my head into pretty much every project and add my two-cents (just ask Jess).  I also manage the business side of things, like managing budgets. As a Partner, I just do what Jess tells me I am allowed to do. 


What does a typical day look like to you? And what makes a day, a good day, for you?

I am up before anyone is really supposed to be up. Typically 4:00 am is my wake up time.  I like the quiet before the day begins and if I am working from home that means I can roll right into my day.  I am most productive in the mornings. Afternoon my brain is done.


I wish I was like Jess with her “zero emails in her inbox” bullcrap, but heck who am I kidding.  She’s so cute.


I miss lunch a lot and attend a lot of meetings with clients and prospects… wait that is what I do!


A good day is when I actually produce something instead of project managing – and that is rare because that is pretty much my life here – and don’t get me wrong, I love telling people what to do…


What excites you about the future of marketing?

I love how things change but yet the roots of marketing have stayed the same.  It isn’t rocket science and it drives me insane that people try to make it so difficult.


My mantra is that everyone deserves marketing – whether you have a budget of $100 or $10,000.  Just your journey and plan will be different. Don’t copy. Be original. Be inspired and just do your thing!


Jess told me to write more about what excited me… so here is the rest of my answer.  I am excited about how social media has changed the way businesses market. It is no longer about just placing an ad in the paper and hoping that someone sees you and remembers.  It is also not about just selling to people. BE HUMAN! I love that marketing has enabled us to show ourselves behind our businesses. (This is a Jess approved message!)


What areas of marketing/design are often overlooked?

I think sometimes business owners look at each marketing piece they do as single projects or ideas.  But it isn’t. The postcard you mail should be the same branding as your social media and your website.  It doesn’t mean you can’t theme different campaigns, but if you take your logo off your piece, people should still know it is you.


Don’t forget your tone – that voice will stay with your brand and you need it to.  Don’t start being serious, when you have always been approachable and funny or all corporate.  People will think “Who is this brand I have engaged with.” If your audience doesn’t know who you are, then how can you expect them to hang with you.


And, like one wise person said: “Keep it simple, stupid”.  Don’t overcomplicate things.


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