Julie Thurgood-Burnett

Managing Director, Partner

Julie is a creative thinker and a resourceful consultant who provides value that stems from her strong background in – as well as a passion for – marketing and strategic thinking. Her enthusiasm is contagious and will get you to think differently and “out of the box” about your business and plans.

Her background lies in brand and innovation marketing and research, as well as strategy development, social media development, marketing strategy, and development. Julie has worked in many different industries – both on the client and vendor side which garners her a unique perspective on any project and bring a story teller’s touch to building a case.

She is a pleasure to work with, and brings a vast experiential set to any project and helps develop a richer perspective as a consultant.

Julie has extensive management experience in all her past roles. From managing a team of ten at Dell Computers or McDonald’s Canada in the New Food Research/Consumer Insights Department, Julie has always had an awarding team. But she knew that she could do more. Thurgood Marketing was born in 2015 and in 2017, joined ventures with her business partner Jess to form Green Monkey Creative.

Julie oversees all marketing strategy, branding, account management, website projects and still, manages to run a couple of social media accounts. With her strong project management skills and her ability to see the bigger picture, she has always driven her team to achieve more than they set out to do. A manager is only as good as their team, and that is Julie’s motto – stand behind your team, and your team will stand for you.

We are still trying to figure out what is in her coffee, because, besides this business, she still snaps some pretty fine art photography, has an amazing family that she keeps organized, two doggies that need lots of love, a serious shoe and car addiction… maybe she should start selling what she is on. Just kidding. It is coffee. Lots of it.

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