It is beyond a blessing to see how warmly our new marketing agency has been welcomed in our beautiful community. Orangeville has embraced our new venture with the support of our clients, family, and friends, The Small Business Enterprise, The Orangeville BIA, our town council and Mayor as well as our MPP.

ribbon cutting at open house in orangeville

Everyone wants to know the story of how we began….so here you go!

Our story isn’t a long one, but let me share it with you. In 2016, I was working for an agency and was not happy. I was not happy that I could not offer the level of service I thought my clients deserved because we were so numbers-driven. All I was doing was answering emails. I knew I had to get out of there. I then threw it out to the universe that I wanted to get back into consulting. Well, she answered in a VERY loud voice and I had no choice but to listen. I was part of a re-org. I was so relieved. Within four hours I had two ‘old’ clients back and there was no stopping me now.

I worked for about a year with a bunch of different clients and happily was moving along. Jess and I had collaborated on projects together in the past, and I heard that she was leaving her job at the agency she worked at. I reached out and we met up in April 2017 and discussed projects and next steps.

That day will always be pivotal to me. We just made such an amazing team together. We could take on more work, explore other services and really go at this company with both of us contributing. This is where Green Monkey Creative came along. Thurgood and White seemed so ‘stuffy’ and not us.

I had used a little green monkey in some of my marketing and we wondered how we could keep him. Well, after many domain searches (yes it really can be that difficult), was not taken and it all came together. Our Monkey got a facelift and here he is today!

green monkey open house with sylvia jones

The next logical step was a partnership – and here we are today! Did we think we were going to have an office this soon after signing a partnership agreement in September? No! But here we are, running our agency at full-tilt.  Earlier this year, we were also awarded a $5,000 Grant from the Orangeville Small Business Enterprise and pretty much used all of it up getting our office open at 28 Mill Street (Mill Street Mall), Unit 108. (Thank you board members for your amazing grant!).

We would like to thank Sylvia Jones, MPP Dufferin Caledon for presenting us with a plaque and Mayor Jeremy Williams and council for also welcoming us to Downtown Orangeville. Joe Sammut, the President of the BIA and the Ellen Sinclair and Mark Jamieson for all your support during our journey.

green monkey in orangeville open house

For Jess and I, it still feels so surreal that we are here, right now, with our new office and our amazing roster of clients.

But most of all – thank you to everyone who ever believed and supported us. We look forward to supporting all the businesses in and around Dufferin County.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart (and Jess’)


PS. View more photos from our open house: CLICK HERE >

Photos: Jim Waddington