Have you heard of the Clubhouse app? I just recently discovered it and am now obsessed. It’s been described as the new darling of the social media world and is attracting some heavy hitters like Oprah, Elon Musk and Kevin Hart to the platform. It’s an invite only app that allows users to chat and share ideas. Think of it like a networking hub or an online hang-out.

To join you need an invite from a member or you can apply which means you will be put on a waitlist. Once you’re a member, you can join rooms that host chats on various topics and listen in on conversations from industry experts. You can also create your own room to discuss your own areas of expertise or interest. Members are given 4 invites to give out at their discretion.

“Clubhouse is a place for casual, drop in conversations,” the app says on their website, explaining that rooms are “all open” for users to “hop in and out, explore different conversations” and “meet with new people around the world.”

The app is audio based. Conversations are audio-only, and when they finish, the conversation disappears forever.

As mentioned, the app is attracting some serious heavy hitters from all industries and celebrities too. Some have initiated chats, while others have simply hung out and listened. Once you enter a chat, you’re able to see who else is there, and you can also see their profiles. The member who made the room is the one that allows participants to speak however there is no requirement to speak.


Whether you are looking to get some business expertise, listen to music, wealth management advice, Instagram marketing tips, therapy or practice speaking in another language, this new social media app will appeal to everyone. It’s a new way to connect, which is so needed right now. It’s invigorating to listen to people talk about their passions or get inspired from experts across the world.

Clubhouse was founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth from Silicon Valley. Since the app launched in spring 2020, it has surpassed 3 million downloads, with an estimated user base of more than 2 million.  Currently it is only an iPhone only app.

I’ve really enjoyed my time on the Clubhouse app. I look forward to joining more conversations and may even be brave enough to host my own chat in the near future. I am definitely going to dig deeper into the app and recommend you give it a try whether it is for personal or professional reasons.

Hint: if you aren’t sure if you have a friend on it, download the app and your contacts on Clubhouse may get a notification that you’re waitlisted — and let you in.