Are you looking for someone that ‘thinks outside the box’? Who can take all the ideas and ramblings that you have had and make it into an actionable plan? That is us! We offer unbiased, knowledgeable and an experienced perspective. No plan is right for everyone. We do it in stages so that you are able to digest every step of the plan.

We pride ourselves on seeing things from a different perspective.

We look at the bigger picture, not just what is the task at hand. Where our clients are today is important, but where they want to take the business or want to go is really what matters. We work through both your short-term goals and your long-term goals.

We like to think of it this way: if you don’t build a proper foundation when building a house, then you are going to have issues, or changes down the road…and some of those changes will require more time or more money. Everything we do is based on where your business is today and where it is going to be down the road, so you don’t have to re-do or spend money that can be better spent elsewhere.

Your customer’s attention and loyalty is one of the most valuable resources you have and their attention spans are only getting shorter: everyone is competing for these resources. The key is to ensure that you align with what you have, with what they need, and communicated it in a clear and consistent manner, which in turn builds their trust and credibility.

The tools we will use to help your business are:


Green Monkey Creative offers a variety of marketing tools to assist your business. Our team will book a strategy meeting with you at the beginning of our working relationship to listen to your goals and the direction you want to take your company. We will help make suggestions as well as provide a marketing program that encompasses your vision based on your budget. We can provide a short-term plan as well as a long-term strategy with check-in sessions along the way. It is our goal to help your business grow by offering our knowledge and expertise to contribute to your success.


Everyone knows the importance of having a website for your company, charity or event. However, it is just as important to ensure the website is functional for your customers and prospective customers and easy to navigate. Our team will help you develop a website from the beginning helping to organize or create content that is meaningful to your audience. If you have an existing website, our team will provide a website audit and work with what you already have to maximize its graphic appeal and functionality. We also provide SEO services to help you generate traffic and leads to your carefully constructed website.


Content is key to communicating with your audience as well as attracting new customers. Whether you are designing/redesigning your website, require a social media strategy or need assistance with promotional material, our team of copy writers can help you create content that is pertinent to your business and appealing to your audience. We will organize your information and create new content to help your business stand out.


Consistent and engaging content is required in todays digital marketing strategy. It can be an overwhelming task for business owners on top of your day-to-day operations. Our team of social media experts can assist you in creating relevant content combined with stunning graphics to communicate to your customers and attract new followers.


Our award-winning graphic design is what makes Green Monkey Creative shine! Our team of graphic designers can assist with logo creation, social media content, promotional material, website design and much much more. We take immense pride in our designs and that translates into making your business stand out from your competition.

Our value is in the ability to create and facilitate change for the better, building on current strengths, identifying weaknesses and designing your individual plan. Let’s have coffee and bring those ideas to life!