Why We Love SEO (Why You Should, Too)

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful marketing channel that can deliver compounding returns on SEO investment over time when done right. We love that it can multiply your marketing dollars into even more profits.

SEO gets you in front of your prospective buyers throughout their buying journey right to the end at the very moment they’re in the market for what you offer.

  • Local businesses get more leads in the form of phone calls, emails, and foot traffic (when we’re not in lockdowns).
  • Lawyers get in front of more potential files to increase their billable hours
  • Home service providers get more request for estimates and quotes
  • Manufacturers circumvent a heavy reliance on trade shows to generate more orders
  • E-Commerce businesses get more orders and repeat customers
  • Publishers get more page views so they can increase their advertising profits
search engine optimization

SEO is The Great Accelerator.

If you offer a high-quality product or service with amazing customer service, search engine optimization will magnify your competitive advantage and speed up your accent to dominating your market. We love being heroes to our clients so they can be heroes to the people they serve on a continuously increasing scale. 

We only work with people who focused on serving their markets with excellence, who want to grow and help more people, and who value investing in themselves and their businesses. 

If you don’t fit the above criteria, SEO isn’t right for you. 

Why?  Because if you offer a sub-standard service, product or experience, more people will find out, more people will complain, more negative reviews will compile and fewer people will want to do business with you even if they find you.

Our SEO Campaign Process To Help You Achieve Your Goals



We take the time to listen to your wants, needs and challenges to help us understand how we can serve you best and put you in a position to meet and exceed your business and personal goals.


Using several tools, we review and analyze various aspects of your website, your competition, your tracking setups, and online strengths and weaknesses to understand further where we are, compare it to where we want to go, based on the Learning phases, and create a roadmap of recommendations to fill the gap with technical SEO improvements, keyword research and on-page optimization improvements for existing pages.


Building upon the Learn and Improve phases, we analyze your current blog content, if you have any. If you do, we’ll be able to decide whether to improve, remove, or merge your current content to increase traffic.

Following the initial analysis, we’ll find keyword gaps related to your top and middle of the funnel topics along with any bottom of the funnel, lead generation opportunities that may be missing. This will inform and guide our content creation strategy whether we need to build new product or service pages and direct our on-going blog content ideation efforts.


Inbound links pointing to your website are the #1 ranking factor with search engines. “Links” send a powerful signal to search engines that your website is popular and an authority in your industry. SEO is like being in high school again. It’s a popularity contest. The more websites that “like” you, the more popular you are, the more will trust your pages to show them higher and in front of your audience. 

The highest quality links will come from relevant and relatively powerful websites and the best ones will drive qualified visitors to your site that will turn into a lead or a sale.


We track our efforts and progress with your SEO campaigns, provide monthly reporting and if like, we’ll connect with you on a monthly basis to discuss what’s been done, the results, and collaborate with you to continuously improve.

What Are Our General SEO Campaign Goals

  1. Increase organic traffic for the bottom of the funnel keywords.
    Key Performance Indicators: Month-Over-Month and Year-Over-Year change in leads from organic search
  2. Increase organic traffic for  “top” and “middle” of the funnel keywords.
    Key Performance Indicators: Month-Over-Month and Year-Over-Year change in organic search traffic.
  3. Increase brand exposure through content and authority link placements.
    Key Performance Indicators: Link placements and content creation per month.


Just as your business is unique from your competition, every campaign is different.  Your project pricing will depend on several factors. Here are the main points that will make your investment level vary:

  • Your total addressable market (Local, Provincial/State, Nationwide or International)
  • The number of physical locations your local business has
  • The competitiveness of your industry, keywords and topics
  • The long-term value of a customer

What To Do Now

What could you do with more conversations started, more visitors online or in-person? If you have the capacity to serve more, at a high level, let’s talk. During our initial conversation, we’ll discover the suitability of us working together toward the goal of driving more leads or sales to your website…your business.

Let’s get started!

Call us today to review your aspirations, needs, desires, goals, and budget.