Social media is a central part of many people’s lives and it continues to grow. Now, this ever-evolving change has gone past being merely a platform to interact with people and has become an integral part of marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. As a small business, leveraging the power of these channels can help build relationships, understand market demands and use content to influence your target market.

What’s included in our social media packages?

We will discuss your business objectives and adjust our social media campaigns to be aligned with your goals. Finding new targeted followers that matter is more important than just increasing your followers. Before starting your campaigns, we will optimize your social media pages for maximum exposure and visibility. We will manage your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by making sure you get the most for your advertising budget.


The content your business posts on social media has the power to make your brand a household name and convert your followers into fans. This kind of impact only comes from having a consistent social media content. It’s not enough to show post on every platform and sporadically update your audience. Our team of social media experts have experience in many industries. We create engaging content with a combination of thoughtful copy and professional graphics that will appeal to your audience.


It is not enough to merely put out content, it also needs to be evaluated too. Our team monitors your social media accounts to determine what types of post generate the most attention and interacting with your audience. We measure the analytics of each account to continuously update your social media strategy.


The way to stand out on social media is to identify specific goals, create valuable posts that align with those goals, and distribute content on the right platforms. Our team will develop a plan inline with your business goals and create a strategy to communicate with your current audience and attract new followers. With a combination of content creation and platform analytics, our team continues to tweak your social media strategy so your business is getting the optimal digital marketing exposure through your social media.


We have team members dedicated to monitoring and growing your account. Your accounts will organically grow with a combination of consistent content posting, targeted hashtags and post boosts. At Green Monkey, we also manage the back-end of your accounts, including interacting with your audience and increasing audiences on all platforms.


Our team will listen to your business goals and determine the platforms that will help you meet those goals. All digital marketing needs to be targeted to where you can best communicate with your clients and attract new clients. This means you need to be where your clients or potential clients are! All platforms will be set-up with consistent messaging and updated contact info. We take care of the images for the profile pictures and cover photos as well as taglines and contact information. Once your accounts have been optimized and established, our team re-visits them periodically to re-fresh images and confirm all data is up to date.


To further your reach and audience interaction, Green Monkey can help develop ad campaigns to compliment your social media. With the use of carefully thought-out images and descriptive content to match, your ad campaigns will be crafted to target new followers and potential customers. It further enhances your content and provides the most benefit to your social media platforms.


Social media is a catalyst used to increase the online presence of your business. Social Media Optimization involves strategically designing, building, and optimizing your social media campaign to communicate with your target audience.  Page optimization makes it easier for your potential clients to find you online. Our team will work on your social media platforms to ensure consistency of images, branding, and design.

Managing your social media platforms can be a full-time job that requires a team-based approach with constant effort.

If you are like most businesses, you do not have the time or the expertise to manage all your social media platforms on your own – nor should you!  Your job is to do what you do best: run your company and let us run the “other stuff”.  We are your marketing department. We are your PR firm.

Our social media management packages are designed exclusively for you and include creating content, scheduling posts, monitoring their life online and creating engagement online. We are conscious of your budgets and aim to offer exactly what you require one step at a time.

Get started today! If you currently have social media, we will do an audit on all your accounts to see what you are doing right and areas that we can help you improve. If you don’t have social media, that is great too! We can help you get started and suggest a strategy that will work for your business that reflects your brand, image and personality.