Do you want to make a big announcement about a new product or service? Are you looking to further interact with your audience? Or maybe you just want to update the look of your social media?

We know that video is not everyone’s forte. That’s where Green Monkey Creative can help! We collaborate with you to create engaging videos for your social media – and we will be with you every step of the way! Video is a key digital marketing strategy and we don’t want anyone shying away from this opportunity because they are timid of the process or don’t know where to start.

We have created video packages to help promote your business, products, services and/or team. Each package includes both 15 second clips and one-minute videos that can be used on your website and social media. Our video packages have been designed to work within your budget. No matter what price point you choose, we will deliver quality content that highlights the best of your business.



To get the most out of the video shoot day, our team will help identify content that will be featured in each video. We will formulate the key talking points of each subject so both the videographer and the person being interviewed are comfortable with the material. This will also help us determine the appropriate shot list so we are prepared and efficient as possible during the video shoot.


We’ll coordinate with you for the what, how and when we film, so we can just turn up and work our magic.


Each video package includes a three-hour video shoot. It’s amazing! With one short session, we can get 3 months worth of content! This is a credit to the talented videographer we have partnered with. She is extremely talented in producing high-quality video and her other strength is putting her interview subjects at ease. No matter what level of comfort you have in front of a camera – this will be a fun experience!


Our team will take all the footage and create videos in multiple formats to easily share on your social accounts and engage your audience.

Julie Thurgood and Jess White from Green Monkey Creative

Photo Packages

Are you and your team in need of new headshots? Do you have some products that could benefit from professional photos?

High quality digital photos will benefit your website and social media too. It demonstrates that you value your work, your business, and yourself. Others are more likely to invest in you if you are able to invest in yourself. Our photographers know how to capture professional, striking, and timeless images while taking into account your company’s presentation, design, and marketing objectives.

Best Value – Combined Video & Photo Package

Since you will be camera ready, the best value is to shoot both video and headshots on the same day!

Motion Graphic Video

Tell your story or explain a product with an animated motion graphic video! These type of videos allow you to connect with your audience while also adding depth to your social media posts, websites and also when included in any video production. They can convey a message when combined with music and successful copy. These animated graphics help reinforce your branding and bring any concept to life.

Client Example: