Well, that was a wrap!  We don’t think anyone was prepared for 2020 and pat yourself on the back cause we made it!

We know this past year was a lot of uncertainty and you had to pivot quite quickly – whether it was how you marketed or how you served your clients.  Maybe you had to get that website updated, or move to communicate with your customer more through social.   But you did it!

So what does 2021 have in store for us when it comes to marketing your business?
Here are a few thoughts and suggestions for the upcoming year that you may want to incorporate into your day to day marketing or planning.

Making it Easier to Shop Online

With Facebook and Instagram rolling our their “Shops” this year, they have created a seamless option for your customers to buy from you directly which means that the platforms have shifted from being a place to discover you and your business but it now means that your customers can move to purchase from you immediately.  Having an online shop is so much more now and why not hit your audience wherever you can.

More information on Shops:

Fun fact: Did you know that 28% of people will use social media to do their online product research?  So imagine if you store was set up on social media already…they wouldn’t have to go anywhere!

Less is More

So this past year taught us that you couldn’t just post to sell and continually just churning out those posts.  This year, many companies spent less time pushing out those social media posts and more time producing only content that was relevant to their audience, thoughtful and valuable posts and in-touch with the world around them.

There is one particular company I kept watching.  They didn’t stop posting their regular sale/business posts.  They acted like NOTHING changed around them.  I did become a little enraged, and in the end, I stopped following them and stopped buying from them.  Can anyone else afford that?  You have a responsibility as a brand/business to ensure that you are sensitive to the content you are posting and that every month can change.  Our world has changed.

Ask yourself “Does your audience even want to hear from me right now?  Do they need to hear about a sale?”

So forget the algorithms and get back to thoughtful posts that engage your audience.

Producing Great Content from Home

Many people are working from home and why not showcase that?  If you are a business that has gone remote, there is an opportunity to show that side of your business and to produce content that is a little more “laidback” and under-produced.

Remember, your audience does not expect you to be perfect and you may find your audience can relate to you a little bit better if you show your raw self to them.

Let’s have a conversation

Having a conversation in 2021 is not new.  You must have watched many of the big brands carry on conversations via social media channels and it is imperative that you do too!

Consumers are going to need more information in order to make a worthy investment in your services or products.  Help users with something.  Provide tips, or educate them on a product you sell.  As a brand, you need to be more human on social media, and invite them into your home to have a meaningful and engaging conversation.

Let’s Crave the “Snackables”

There has been a huge surge in online content, especially through social media.  We all watched TikTok take off this past year and gave us some fantastic engaging content that had nothing to do with the state of the world.

Create snippets that people who are scrolling through their feeds can digest and not overly invest in their time.

Some ideas for snackable content can be found here:  https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/snackable-content

Video Did Kill the Radio Star

Video sure did take off in 2020, due to mostly it was the only way we connect as the world shut down around us.  Video was the second most commonly used marketing content and the second most engaging content type on social media.  What does that mean for you?  As the major social media platforms increasingly ramp up their video capabilities, you can expect high video consumption to continue and grow in the coming years.


If you haven’t looked at your website this past year, you better do it soon!  The world switched to digital quite quickly and if you didn’t adapt your website or your services you might have missed a huge opportunity.

Here are some tips for your website:

Examine Your Website’s Mobile Design
You want to make sure that your site functions on a mobile device and that all the information is accessible in a clear format.  You can use Google’s free tool at https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly to determine if it is and address any issues.

Analyze Your Content
The content on your website is the most valuable asset you have.  It helps you retain existing visitors and attract new ones.  Analyze your content and improve if necessary.

Check your images, pages, statistics, blog posts, videos and any landing pages you may have.  You want to do an audit on your SEO, spelling errors, relevance and engagement.  Do you have any new services or has your business changed since last year?

User Experience
When a visitor lands on your website, what is their first impression?  Is your navigation easy and that will bring them through the site to either purchase or contact you?  Many times we have clients that want to change up the navigation and how people find things on a website – the problem is, users are used to a certain format – don’t make it difficult for them to find the information they are looking for.

Remember – you have 3 seconds for your visitor to stay and find the information that they are looking for.  If you don’t – they have moved on.

Check the speed of your website.  If your site is slow to load, then people are going to give up staying on your page for long.

This is just a smattering of trends that are coming fast and large.

Remember, the world around us is constantly changing and although we plan and anticipate what will happen next – we can’t – so ensure you are always checking in to make sure your audience is still engaged and develop your strategies to make sure you are still hitting the mark.

Have questions?  Reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help!