We use this terminology quite regularly in my day to day life. “Be the water, not the rock.”.  But alas, during these trying times, business owners have to be both.  We don’t know what is going to happen.

marketing strategyFor those of you that have had to close your doors, you can’t go silent.  Right now, the only way you are able to reach your customers in on social media, your website, heck maybe even start that blog or online workshop you have always wanted to.

For those of you that are able to stay open and work away, your messaging may, or rather, has to change.  We need to be a little more human and emotional during these times, and right now is not the right time to be over-selling to your audience.

There is no way to sugarcoat this, it is a scary time for all of us and no one has the answers. 
Schools are closed, businesses are asking employees to work from home, we have to stand six feet apart and people are hoarding toilet paper (don’t get us started).

We have put together some tips to maybe help you through this or support on those things that you have been putting off during your busy times, now is the time to do some house cleaning.

online meetingMeetings

Go virtual! 
Using Zoom or Google Hangouts, or even good old Facetime will work.  Those working at home will need to be in contact with their clients and co-workers.


transparent messagingBe Transparent

These are times where we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.  Be transparent with your customers and put their trust in you.  

Keep customers updated on your events, product inventory or services.  Have a deadline that is approaching for membership dues?  For example, extend the deadline or offer a discount to show that you care.

  • Use social media and/or email marketing to let customers know about changes to your business or special offers or relevant information about your business or the community you live in.  Canva is a great tool to design some neat social media posts for your audience.
  • Write a blog article detailing what your business is doing to keep your customers safe.


online business ideasGet Creative

A lot of businesses out there have moved their services to 100% online – for example, yoga and dance studios.  Be prepared to think on your feet and work around issues as they arise.  Consider innovative solutions and be flexible so that customers will return.

Do some video tutorials.  Show people how to do things that they normally come to you for.  For example, if you are Salon or Spa, show them the newest trends, or make little packages for customers to pick up and pay in advance.

Do a live stream!  Talk to your customers.  Don’t worry how you look or that it may not sound professional – remember people love your brand/business because of you too.  Nothing will replace in-person human interaction but you can offer virtual courses and consultations through video or live-stream.

Had an event planned?  Move it online.  It is happening like a raging machine right now and people are engaged – they are at home!  Perfect opportunity for you to engage that audience. Many classes that people do in-person can be done virtually – Yoga, Fitness, Support Groups, even artists are taking their skills online.  Music classes and tutoring are moving online.  The world is slightly altered, so you need to alter your world with it.

social mediaWhat to post on social media?

This is not the time for you to be silent if your doors are closed.  Post some funny quotes and jokes related to your industry.  Tell your customers you miss them.  Ask your audience what they miss about you.  Or maybe changes when you re-open.  Talk about your experience being closed.  Don’t be negative, but show the human side to your business.

People want to support you – offer a discount on pre-paid gift certificates so that you can see them again when your doors open and that you love them so much, you are offering them an incentive to get back into your doors.

Restaurants can offer recipes of some of their dishes, or make one up to share with your customers.

The reason?  Keep them engaged.  Your customers miss hanging with you too.  Your Brand needs to still be out there and engaging with your audience.  People are either working from home or just home with kids running around, so give them something to watch, read and be emotionally tied to.

Need help or have questions?  Reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram or fire us over an email at hello@greenmonkeycreative.com.  We can help you through these trying times.