work from homeWhat day of the week is it?  How many days have we been working at home?

As a team, Green Monkey Creative is used to working from home… alone. These past 49 days (Jess is keeping count), we have had our family members home as well… and let’s just say it hasn’t always been easy.  Plus how do we report the four-legged co-workers who are not cooperating?

We wanted to share with you a glimpse into what it looks like for us working from home.

julie working from homeThe Virtual World of Julie

Zoom meetings, sharing country internet with other members of the family, three dogs, two kids and somehow being the only person able to cook lunches and dinners has become exhausting.

I LOVE working from home.  I have always taken a couple days of week to just work from home and get caught up on things that just don’t seem to get done while in the office.  However, that has changed.  Everyone is home.  Everyone is taking me off track. I especially love when the internet gets hogged by another member in this house (coughStephencough) with his Team or Zoom meetings, so I then I am ‘forced’ to take a break.

But on the flip side, it really isn’t that bad.  Our family has adapted to home schooling as one kid sleeps in and the other gets up early to get all her schoolwork done so she is free for the day- SMART KID!  I do love that we come together at dinner and play games.  I love that we are hanging out more and not just rushing around. Being forced to be home has taught all of us, that we really were quite busy and hardly had time to just hang out.

So although I am complaining about dogs, kids and husbands being home, I don’t mind this one bit…..but that internet though……

jess working from homeThe Virtual World of Jess

Bonjour! Le jour de ma vie… oops sorry that is my French Immersion home schooling… well my son’s home schooling that is. Who knew JK french was so tough haha.  I am definiately not fluent in French… so we are learning together! (please send help).

My co-workers are my two dogs – one that lays on my feet and keeps them warm while I work and another that likes to get into mischief every time I turn around.

I really miss my giant monitor, the gym, visiting family and hiking the Bruce Trail. Outside of my design world I am spending a lot of time bbq’ing and cooking in kitchen – I found an amazing beer & honey bread recipe (so good with rosemary, garlic & cheese!) Also, very thankful that fishing season opened up and we are allowed to go down to the river, so nice on those sunny days to be able to enjoy nature!

Balancing everything is a challenge however I really don’t mind working from home and I am finding ways to stay productive amidst the chaos.

Overall, we are hanging in there and busy designing and prepping strategy and marketing plans for our clients as the world is still turning and we are still moving forward.  What does next month bring?  Hopefully, warmer weather and the economy opening up, but for now, we will sit tight and ride the wave.

We miss each other and sometimes find ourselves on a call just working away and not talking – just to feel somewhat normal.  Our business is evolving and it has given us time to explore all those ‘to-do list items’ that we haven’t always had time for.


We miss everyone!  

Julie and Jess